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918KISS Malaysia – Play Mobile Slot Game in 2019

Indeed, 918KISS is one of the top mobile online slot games in Malaysia. Its number of players has outnumbered many of the existing online slot game products.

Today, people would rather play slot games on their mobile devices than desktop. Desktop-friendly games are in fact, dying slowly. Why would you need a laptop or desktop when you can play slot game on smartphones anywhere anytime you want?

918KISS Malaysia offers the best mobile slot game layout in town. It has tip-top mobile slot game design for both Android and IOS operating system. It doesn’t matter how good or bad your smartphone is, just download it and you can just play right away!

The Advantages of Playing 918KISS Slot Games is one of the authorised promoters for 918KISS slot games in Malaysia. Here, we will share about why you should play 918KISS:

  • High Winning Payout: Yes, it does make sense that everyone wants to win from casino games. And, we always seek for the best slot game that offers the highest winning payout. 918KISS is definitely your best choice.
  • Mobile-friendly: Nowadays, you certainly need a slot game product that is well-designed in terms of mobile-friendliness. Be it Android or IOS smartphones, you can play all your favourite games regardless of your whereabouts.
  • Easy to Play: 918KISS offers the simplest features that suits the needs of every single online slot game player in Malaysia. You can simply pick up and master its slot games with no more than 5 minutes’ time.
  • High Popularity: Trust me, you don’t want to play an inferior slot game while all your friends are playing another one. Today, nearly 90% of the casino players in Malaysia play 918KISS. Wanna be one of the? Just sign up now.
  • Big Win Jackpots: Who can make you a millionaire overnight? The answer is 918KISS. It offers big progressive jackpots up to millions ringgit. It’s just the matter if you can strike the big win.

What is 918KISS APK?

SCR888 APK is the slot game application file that is downloadable on Android smartphones. Most of the 918KISS players play slot games on Android smartphones. You are required download 918KISS APK if you want to play its slot games on your Samsung smartphone.

Very often, 918KISS APK files can be seen on some of the Android software download centre, such like PlayStore or APKPure. Beware of these APK files as it might contains unknown viruses or bugs that would impair your smartphone system.

The safest source to download 918KISS APK files is actually Anyhow, APK files are only available for Android operating system but not IOS.

What’s New About 918KISS 2020?

Frankly, everyone plays 918KISS. It’s nearly impossible to find one that never play 918KISS before in Malaysia. It has created a brand new online gaming trend in the local online casino industry. Well, what can you expect from 918KISS ahead of 2020?

From what we’ve heard, there ain’t big change in terms of its current slot gaming structure and layout. According to some of the insiders, 918KISS Malaysia would continue to upgrade its game graphics and user interface in 2020. In fact, its game graphics are considered a bit inferior compared to some of the latest slot games in town. But, who care? We just wanna win some big fat cash from the games isn’t it?

More and more interesting slot games would be uploaded into its mobile gaming platform. Well, you can expect to see many excitements coming into play.

In terms of winning payout, it will remain as awesome as usual. Players can expect to continue winning non-stop from 918KISS slot games. Hopefully, 918KISS Malaysia would consider adding more bonus features in 2020, other than the current Ang Pow, Free Bonus Games, and Jackpots.

In conclusion, everyone can expect to continue “CUCI” from 918KISS. It would definitely remain as the most played mobile slot games in Malaysia. In view of its mobile gaming technology, 918KISS’s professional IT team will continue to fix game bugs for both Android and IOS version, so that players can enjoy the best online gaming experience with 918KISS.

Hot Tips to Win from Highway Kings in 918KISS

Most people do not have an idea how to keep winning from mobile slot games. At, we would give you some useful tips on how to win from Highway Kings in 918KISS. Highway Kings is one of the earliest and the most remarkable mobile slot games developed by Playtech. Here’s some of its game snapshots:

Highway Kings SCR888 APK

Fortunately, we have had the chance to talk to Jason, one of the experts in winning mobile slot games. Jason is a authentic Malaysian. He has been playing slot games since he was 12. I can’t find anyone that is more experienced than him. Jason is kind enough to teach us some of the tricks to win from 918KISS slot games.

First thing first, why should we play 918KISS? But not MEGA888 or PUSSY888? Very simple, the winning payout ratio is high, high enough to make you rich. This indirectly increase your chances to win from the slot games. Jason thoroughly analyzed the advantages of playing 918KISS games with us. It was indeed a very resourceful chat session.

Firstly, you gotta remember: DO NOT PLAY GAMES THAT ARE NOT POPULAR. Some of the researches found that the higher is your aggregate betting turnover for a particular slot game, the higher chances you would strike a big win. Some people believe there is a centralized prize pool at the back-end system. Therefore, you really need to focus on just one single game in order to win big.

Secondly, maximize your bet amount for each spin. The higher is your bet amount, the more likely you would strike free bonus games. Imagine if the free game multiplier is 5x, 10x or even 20x? You would definitely reap a huge profits from the free bonus games!

The following strategy is also the secret how Jason won RM200,000 from 918KISS: increase bet amount when you feel that system is just about to pay more. Yes, just try to feel the game. I bet you would know when free bonus games is coming. That could be the time where you can make yourself a millionaire overnight!

Successfully Withdraw RM10K from Great Blue in 918KISS!

Many have searched for free slot game credit in the market. There are many online agents offering free credit, but always attached with stringent terms and conditions before you can make a withdrawal. I’m not a free rider, but one of the 918KISS agents did give me RM18 free credit last week.

Of course, I’m not gonna waste this free credit. Before I started playing, I check carefully with the agent about all the explicit or hidden terms and conditions. That is simple. Just generate 10 times turnover then I can make a withdrawal.

At the beginning, I did not expect to achieve the stipulated turnover requirements. But I was really lucky enough. I managed to achieved the 10x turnover requirements within half an hour time. My game account balance was only RM100++. Too little for me. I decided to take further risk and continue playing.

Great Blue is always my all-time favourite slot game. Very often I’ve won some considerable amount of money from this game. I like its free bonus games, while you might gain a lot of free spins.I slowly increased my bet amount to RM0.25 per spin to RM5 per spin.

And then guess what? I stroke the big win! I quickly requested for withdrawal and check if the funds have been transferred to my bank account. Oh my god, that was a lot! RM10K!

What I wanna tell you is, you might really get something huge in return from joining 918KISS. You never know if you’re the next to win big winner in 918KISS!

How to Download SCR888 APK

There are lots of ways to download 918KISS APK on your smartphones. Of course, one of the easiest ways would be through Google Play Store. Before you start downloading 918KISS APK, you should check if the following criteria has been met:

  • You’re using smartphone with Android operating system, but not iOS
  • Make sure your Android phone does have sufficient memory storage to download 918KISS APK
  • Do not install any anti-virus application in your phone. If you’ve already done so, please remove it. Because certain anti-virus softwares would block 918KISS download
  • Never download 918KISS APK in desktop. 918KISS APK is only supported by Android operating system
  • Do not install any fake or third-party software to hack 918KISS if you wanna download 918KISS APK. It will slow down the download progress

Once you’ve double checked all the above, you may now start download SCR888 game software on your mobile device. Understand the game before you even start playing it. You may check with 918KISS headquarter customer service to find out more info.