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SCR888 Casino 2.0

The SCR888 Casino 2.0 is an all-new version of the SCR888 Casino. On the other hand, it is named as 918Kiss Casino. After the transformation from the SCR888 Casino to the SCR888 Casino 2.0 (918Kiss), they keep all of their casino games on the new version. They merely change the logo and the theme of the casino app to make it look fresh.

Although they change the brand name, you are allowing to use the former SCR888 Login ID enter the SCR888 (918Kiss) Casino app. In this way, it is easy for the players that don’t need to create the new account again. So, after updating, you can open the casino app straightly to win the money.

Besides that, since it needs to update the app to the SCR888 Casino 2.0. If you have to old SCR888 App, then it is easy for the updating. But you are new to the SCR888 Casino, then you can download the SCR888 (918Kiss) App straightly. They are using the different method of downloading the casino app.

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SCR888 Casino 2.0: Downloading and Updating

Let’s talk about the updating of the SCR888 Casino 2.0 first. If you have the older version of the casino app and wish to update to the SCR888 (918Kiss) Casino. By clicking the icon of the casino app, then it will work for you automatically. So, you don’t have to visit any stores or online page for the updating. It is much easier than you imagine.

On the other hand, if you don’t have the casino app on the device, then you have to download once. And it is downloading the latest casino app straightly. For this casino app, they are including the APK and iOS installation file. There are installing onto the Android device and the iOS device.

  • SCR888 APK is installing on all kinds of the Android device.
  • SCR888 iOS is installing on the iPhone and iPad only.

The casino is supporting the smartphone and the tablet only. Other than those devices, the casino is not supporting the installation. But there are many people search for the casino app for PC. Bear in mind, the SCR888 (918Kiss) is available for the smartphone and the tablet installation.

SCR888 2.0 Casino Games

SCR888 Casino 2.0: What Had Changed?

As mentioned above, they remain all of their casino games but change the theme and logo of the app.

Previously, the SCR888 Casino is using the earth icon as the logo; and the blue colour as the theme’s background. But now, the SCR888 Casino 2.0 is using the lips icon as the logo; and the purple colour as the theme’s background. It makes the app looks like the luxury, indicates sensuality, passion, nobility, and depth of feeling.

Moreover, the app includes more online casino games into the game list. No more or less, that’s only three new online casino games are inserted into the list. 3 of them are the Online Slot Games – Jin Qin Wa Slot, Fortune Panda Slot, and the Robbin Hood Slot. They are the most special slot games that include the features for the assistance to help the players win the game easier.

After downloading or updating, you should try out their new release Online Slot Games. That’s much easier to win the game rather than other slot games in the casino app.

Register Available for SCR888 Casino 2.0?

The free registration of the SCR888 Casino 2.0 is available here. For the easy way, you can ask the registration from us via the Live Chat below. Or else, you can search from the Search Engine for wider choice. Because they are over thousand Online Gambling Sites out there, and you can try one by one for the better one.

After the registration, you can start log into the casino app for the bet placing. The casino app is including more than a hundred online casino games within an application. And never forget to spin their new slot games.

Have you download or updated the casino app to the SCR888 Casino 2.0? If no, do it now. You can win a lot of the money from their casino games. Because a better winning rate is provided by the SCR888 Casino 2.0.

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