Celebrating Chinese New Year with MEGA888 During MCO 2.0

Malaysian Celebrating Chinese New Year During MCO 2.0

Chinese New Year is gonna be a little bit different this year. Our beloved Minister of Defence,  Dato’ Sri Ismail Sabri Yaakob, just on 2 February 2021 announced that MCO 2.0 will be extended for another 2 weeks, to 18 February 2021.

This is in contradiction with the previous prediction that MCO 2.0 might be uplifted after 4 February 2021. A huge surprise to all Malaysians indeed. I can just say that our government is highly unpredictable.

What would be the implication from this announcement? All Malaysian Chinese will be celebrating their Chinese New Year at home in 2021!

Cross-state travelling is banned in most states during MCO 2.0. Therefore, Most Chinese is not allowed to go back hometown during this Chinese New Year as well. This is gonna be a huge disappointment.

On top of that, the local economy will be hurt severely as well. Chinese New Year is regarded as one of the biggest festival shopping events amongst all festivals in the country. This year, the shopping crowd is no longer there due to the global pandemic.

The question is, how are we gonna spend the upcoming Chinese New Year with so much restrictions imposed by the government? MEGA888 will be the solution.

Play MEGA888 During Chinese New Year

Gambling has been an important tradition during Chinese New Year since thousands years ago. It is also one of the manners for family bonding. Explicitly, it seems like Chinese love to gamble even with family members. As a matter of fact, they just want to have some memorable moments with their loved ones deep down their hearts.

Given the fact that people are not allowed to gather this year, MEGA888 seems like the best solutions for all Chinese. They can actually GAMBLE ONLINE!

Wait a minute, isn’t MEGA888 just an online gambling product? Then how do us place deposit or request for withdrawal? Who we should be engaging with?

Try to do some researches and find yourself trusted online casino companies before Chinese New Year. There are a lot of online casino review sites out there which shall provide such information. Pick only the most reliable one with the most positive reviews coupled with long proven track record.

In MEGA888, there are more than 200 online casino games for you to play. That’s much more than the casino games you usually gamble with your family members. It will definitely provide you the best entertainment during Chinese New Year.

However, there is one drawback. You can’t gamble together with your family members. There is no casino game which is player-to-player. Nonetheless, you can always gather a pool of funds with your family members and bet on mobile slot games together. That would be highly exciting as well!

What Can You Expect from Playing MEGA888?

Usually, MEGA888 tends to offer much higher winning payout during Chinese New Year. The main purpose of doing this is to attract more Chinese casino players during the festival period. They want to create a joyful branding.

As such, you can expect to maximise your gambling profits during the period. There is another factor which is quite unique for 2021 – more players will be playing MEGA888 Android, given unsolved errors in MEGA888 iOS as well as the persistent global pandemic. With more active players in the pool, you can expect to receive more free spins as well as free bonus games!

Meanwhile, there are a lot of online casino companies who will be offering Chinese New Year promotions that will give you tons of free online casino bonuses. Start your shopping free for the best bonus campaign! You can even get free MEGA888 Ang Pow in 2021 if you’re lucky enough!

However, remember to read through terms and conditions attached to those bonus campaigns. Understand well before you pick your partner to begin the online gambling battle!

Try to Request for MEGA888 CNY Special Game ID

If you’re a VIP customer who is very close with your online casino company, try to request a MEGA88 CNY Special Game ID from them. Not many online casino agents get these game IDs in Malaysia.

What does it look like? The game ID looks just like other normal game ID. Nonetheless, it comes with a RM20 MEGA888 Free Credit in the account. Moreover, you will be able to play additional 8 special CNY version slot game with the special game ID, which you can’t via normal game ID.

If your online casino company tells you that they don’t have such game ID, don’t be disappointed. Just ask around other online casino companies in the market, I believe you will be able to get one. Only top online casino agents with special approval can offer such special game ID to their customers.

At last, we wish everyone a joyful and prosperous Chinese New Year! Win to the max!

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