To Become a Millionaire – You Must Play MEGA888

How to Become a Millionaire

There are thousands, if not, millions ways to become a millionaire. Just like the old saying goes “All roads lead to Rome”. There is no single road to the peak of mountain.

Everyone dreams of becoming a millionaire. But only a small number of people who can achieve that.

Many people talk about the success stories of millionaires. But no one would tell you the secrets how to become a millionaire. At least not until you read this post.

Today, we’re gonna share with you one of the most common ways to become a millionaire in Malaysia.

According to, there were circa 20,450 millionaires living in Malaysia as at 2019. We think the figures could me much higher, taking into consideration of the fact that many rich men in the black market is not included.

Yes, that’s right. Malaysia is quite famous for its black market activities. A lot of tycoons made their fortune from illegal businesses, such as online casino Malaysia, drug trafficking, human trafficking, sexual businesses, money game, etc.

Those rich men you see on the list of Top 50 Richest Men in Malaysia, some of them really made their fortune through legal businesses. Nonetheless, many of them actually accumulated wealth from illegal businesses.

Of course, I’m not comparable with those business tycoons in the Top 50 list. Having said that, I’m also a millionaire with successful businesses running since 5 years ago. How did I make my money? This is exactly what I’m gonna share with you today.

More Than 1,000 Millionaires Made by Playing MEGA888

One of the certain ways to become a millionaire is to play MEGA888.

As a matter of fact, there are more than 1,000 Malaysians get rich by playing MEGA888 in the past few years. And the number is still rising.

You might have heard of somebody losing money in MEGA888. Some of your friends might even say it’s impossible to win money from MEGA888. Is it true? Then why so many people still playing MEGA888?

That’s because they’re not skilful enough to win from the mobile slot games!

It requires days or even years of training before you can master the winning skill. You also need to do a lot of home works and researches to study some of the most mysterious online betting strategies on the internet to help you beat MEGA888.

Unfortunately, a lot of people does not have the patience and determination to complete the challenge. Many of them give up along the way.

Remember, MEGA888 can only make you rich, if you are determined enough. Those who are not diligent or persistent enough will not be blessed.

Here comes the biggest question: How do we get rich from playing MEGA888?

As a beginner, you may start from reading The 3 Secret Ways to Consistently Win from MEGA888 (2021 Tips). This is like a kindergarten kinda of level that you must go through before winning big from MEGA888.

After all, to tell you how to become a millionaire is the core topic of today’s story. And what I’m gonna tell you next, is my story of getting rich at very young age. A true event.

Owning RM10millions Personal Assets at 25 Years Old

My name is Jason Foong, a Malaysia-born Chinese. It’s hard to make people believe that I’m actually a multi-millionaires with a total personal assets of RM10millions at the age of 25.

It has to be all the way back from the time when I was just graduate from Sunway University. I was majoring in IT.

Given the fact that we’re living in a robotic and Artificial Intelligence (AI) era, my dream was always to drive a successful startup that would help to make my name in the country. That’s why I chose to study IT.

Nonetheless, it was not as easy as I thought. My first job was a junior PHP developer at Touch and Go. My core task was to assist my superior and cover some of the minor features embedded in its e-Wallet system. I was getting a basic salary of RM3,000.

Well, 3K might be an attractive remuneration package for many of the fresh grads out there. But, hell no, it’s not enough for me. I believe I’m destined to do something much larger than this.

I wanted to start a new business venture, an online shopping website. Back then, I used my weekends to code the website and apps myself. Sadly to say that, it didn’t went well. I couldn’t get any investor and eventually I was running out of funds.

Those were the dark days in my life. There was once I only had RM50 ringgit in my bank account. One of my closest friends, Michael, introduced some mobile slot games to me that would turn my life upside down in the later days. Yes, it was MEGA888.

Michael was a good player in playing MEGA888, however, not good enough to make a fortune. That said, he didn’t have to work with all income generated from MEGA888. That was kinda cool at that time.

He knew I was having hard times. Having listened to his advice, I had decided to bet all I got in MEGA888. Surprisingly, I managed to win RM1,000 with just RM50 as the starting capital! Wow, that’s really something!

It was really interesting. How can a mobile slot game product offers so much to its players? I started to study MEGA888 thoroughly. I knew I gotta perform a lot of researches and understand it better before I can continue winning from the slot game.

I worked very hard on it. Almost everyday. Meet-up with Joseph Phua – The MEGA888 Guru, was the life-changing event in my life. He taught me many of the untold secrets, as well as how to deploy the most effective online betting strategies in playing MEGA888.

Within the next 3 years, I made RM10 millions from playing MEGA888.

You might not believe. Today, I own a 10,000 square feet bungalow at Bangsar, a Lamborghini, a Ford Mustang, and also a private jet!

Remember, sometimes, chances are just around the corner. It really depends if you’ve grabbed the opportunity and fight for it fearlessly!

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