918KISS Malaysia – Last Dance in 2020

918KISS Malaysia is Gone Forever

918KISS Malaysia, once ago the largest online mobile slot game brand in Malaysia, was officially terminated in November 2020. Unlike the previous temporary halts, many people said it is gone for good this time.

It’s really really hard to accept the truth, especially for millions 918KISS loyal fans in Malaysia. The game has accompanied all of us so many years. But, it’s time to say goodbye now.

Although it has not been verified by the official spokesperson from 918KISS headquarter, we have already spoken to one of the ex-employee working in the company. According to him (who chose to be anonymous), the top management has decided to shut down 918KISS’s operations permanently. There is no clear intention to reopen its operations anytime soon.

You must be wondering, what has caused the shutdown of such a big company?

Severely Impacted by Covid19 in 2020

Just like anybody in the world, 918KISS Malaysia was severely hit by the global pandemic in 2020. This is in contradiction with many of the other slot game brands in the market, for instance, MEGA888, which has been growing its number of active players significantly since the beginning of the pandemic. Why is that so?

Covid19 has penetrated into the headquarter of 918KISS since mid of 2020. Many of the employees were diagnosed Covid19 positive at that time. This had seriously impacted on the operations of 918KISS. Lack of manpower has caused its maintenance taking longer and longer duration to complete.

918KISS Malaysia Severely Hit By 918KISS Malaysia

Finally, its operation team couldn’t take it and went into a complete breakdown in the month of November. That was the time when all players were not able to login to 918KISS slot games. Nobody could give an answer at that time as the headquarter didn’t release any official announcement. It just stopped like that.

This has further declined the rumours in the street saying that it has been banned by the local authority for a short while. Indeed, there was time when government intervention took place to curb the spread of online gambling activities leading to a temporary shutdown of 918KISS for months. However, this time, it was the corona virus that destroyed once the best mobile slot game brand in Malaysia.

Once The Best Mobile Slot Game in Malaysia

No matter what has happened to 918KISS Malaysia, it’s still regarded once the best mobile slot game in Malaysia. It has made countless impressive milestone in the local online gambling industry. No one has made such great achievements until 918KISS.

Its unprecedented success can be mainly attributed to the following:-

  • offering high winning payout that no one else dare to offer in the past
  • one of the first to develop mobile slot game version available in both Android APK and iOS iPhone
  • one of the first movers to have more than 200 slot games for selection in its game lobby
  • one of the strongest word-of-mouth marketing in Malaysia. It didn’t spend much money in marketing budget, most of them through referral
  • simple and straightforward in terms of slot game structure

All the above seem easy to do. However, 918KISS (previously known as SCR888) was the first to carry out all the above at that time. We all think it’s simple today, simply because 918KISS is the proof of success.

In 2018, 918KISS was awarded “The Best Mobile Slot Game” by the Malaysia Online Casino Association (MOCA). After that in 2019, 918KISS Malaysia was shortlisted as the “Best Mobile Gaming Solution Company 2019”, by the Asian Gambling Coalition (AGC) in the year of 2019. In 2020, 918KISS Malaysia was voted by all online casino players in Malaysia, as “The Most Favourite Mobile Slot Game 2020”.

Andy Lim – The Mastermind Behind 918KISS Malaysia

Many people have been wondering: who’s so brilliant to build 918KISS Malaysia?

Andy Lim, the son of Tony Lim (the founder of SCR888), was the one who was behind all these. Despite inheriting part of the gigantic wealth his father has accumulated all over the years, Andy Lim didn’t just stay in comfort zone. He wanted to do something big.

Andy was graduated from the University of Melbourne, majoring in Software Engineering. Being a top student in the field of IT, Andy was highly interested in studying the development of mobile slot game.

As we all know, SCR888 was a highly successful online gambling brand in the 2000s, but only available in desktop version. Andy was the one who convinced his father Tony Lim to diversify into the mobile slot game industry. With a founding team of just 16 game developers under Andy, he managed to build the first mobile version of SCR888 in the year of 2016. However, it’s only available for Android APK at that time.

Facing with strict regulations imposed by Apple, Andy was having difficulty in launching its iOS version. Nonetheless, with endless determination as well as persistence, Andy overcame the challenges and successfully launched its iOS version in the year after. That was the time when SCR888 was getting popular in Malaysia. That was the first time SCR888 under spotlight. Everyone started to get crazy about SCR888.

This has also grabbed the attention from the local authority. Our government was pretty upset with the super growth in the active players of SCR888, given the fact that online gambling is strictly prohibited in Malaysia. As such, SCR888 was getting its first ban in 2018 by the government.

However, having recognised the importance of 918KISS, which has brought so much entertainment to Malaysian, a complete ban on the game might not be a long-term solution. In view of this, Andy was undertaking a series of negotiation with the local authority, and came to the agreement that there is a need to change its brand name permanently to stay low profile. It was the time when SCR888 was rebranded as 918KISS.

The worst was gone. Andy continued to expand its online gambling operations out of Malaysia, into other countries in South East Asia, such as Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, etc. 918KISS was in its glorious days until the arrival of Covid19.

What Would Happen After This?

It’s sadly to say that, some online casino players stop playing online casino games after the termination of 918KISS. They were just too much into this brand. Some of them even got depressed.

For other players, of course they do not just stop playing slot games. Most of them have switched to other mobile slot game brands since then, such as MEGA888, XE88, PUSSY888, and even some counterfeit 918KISS brands in the market. All slot game brands were competing fiercely against each other in order to gain the No.1 position in the Malaysian online casino industry.

Apparently, MEGA888 has now secured the leading position as for now, and we expect it will continue to do so. As a matter of fact, Andy Lim also owns majority stakes in MEGA888. Andy anticipated the possibility of a potential fall of 918KISS few years back. Of course, he didn’t predict the event of Covid19 as if he’s some kind of messenger sent by God. But, he thought that players will eventually get bored with 918KISS, and then switched to other slot game product. It’s a normal product life cycle happening on almost all products in the world.

As such, Andy invested in MEGA888, which was basically a carved-out team from 918KISS headquarter. The founder of MEGA888 – Michael Tan See Foong, is one of the best friends of Andy since young. Michael Tan’s invitation to invest in MEGA888 was promptly accepted by Andy.

With strong experience in the Malaysian slot game industry from Andy, together with mind-blowing intelligence from Michael Tan, I think it’s been determined that MEGA888 will eventually conquer the No.1 position in Malaysia, or even South East Asia. It’s just the matter of time.

Notwithstanding all the above, I would like to express my true gratitude to 918KISS, and to Andy Lim as well. As a loyal fan of 918KISS, I’ve been playing the game almost everyday since early days. It has brought so much fun for me. Without 918KISS, I wouldn’t have lived so positively throughout these years.

RIP 918KISS, you will be missed forever.

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